11/08 // S03E06 The Axeman Cometh Preview

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Episode stills and the trailer for episode six – The Axeman Cometh – have been released, make sure to check them out.

The synopsis for the episode is below, also.

From the stills it looks like Madison is alive and Cordelia’s face is heeled – but this is American Horror Story so I am making no quick assumptions.

Let me know what you think next week’s episode will entail!

1919: New Orleans’ legendary “Axeman” – not truly a man, but a dread spirit – goes on a killing spree, but promises to spare any house in which a jazz band is in full swing. However, the ladies of Miss Robichaux’s Academy plan to defy him.

Today: As an ailing Fiona deals with feeling vulnerable, Zoe, Queenie and Nan, in the wake of Madison’s disappearance, make a pact to watch out for one another, as the numbers of young witches have been dwindling throughout the years. To try to find Madison, they use a spirit board that Zoe found in a secret compartment behind a crawlspace in her closet… or did the board find her? Instead, they make contact with the Axeman, whose spirit is trapped within the Academy’s walls. Queenie, who knows that spirit boards can not just contact spirits but also release them, immediately breaks off contact, but Zoe insists on contacting him again, without Queenie or Nan’s help. The Axeman leads her to Madison… and to more questions than answers. But danger awaits when Zoe reneges on her deal with the Axeman. Meanwhile, Cordelia’s new power brings on a heartbreaking revelations. Meanwhile, out in the swamp, Misty Day has a surprise reunion with a troubled Kyle, and with Zoe – who needs her help, though Misty is reluctant. And elsewhere, we learn of an alliance between Marie Laveau and somebody unexpected, whose secrets are darker than previously known.

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