03/30 // Coven at PaleyFest

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Most of the cast of Coven attended the closing night of PaleyFest.

They spilled some details on the new season of American Horror Story – Freak Show, here’s what Entertainment Weekly had to say.

The cast that plays together, stays together.

That seems to be the case with American Horror Story: Coven, the third season in Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology series on FX and the subject of a panel during the final night of this year’s PaleyFest. Though we won’t get another season of Coven witches, Murphy unveiled new details about the freaky next season, while the cast — including Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett — revealed how they got caught up in the revelry of New Orleans while filming there. Here’s what we learned from the panel, which provided further proof that the Coven fans are some of the most loyal around.

New to the Horror Story

Murphy’s rotating troupe of actors boasts quite an impressive resume, but he didn’t have to work too hard to gather such talent. ”I’ve been a fan of the show since the first episode,” said Coven star Emma Roberts. Other newcomers this season, such as Gabourey Sidibe and Bassett, were also fans of Murphy before they were asked to join the show. Sidibe admitted that she was excited when she got the job, though she “didn’t know what I was getting into.” Bassett saw the show as an amazing opportunity to work with great actors in creative ways. “Reading the script, you’re excited about what you’re going to be doing, but you get jazzed about what others are doing when you’re not in the scene with them. It’s like three shows in one to me,” she said.

Why witches?

“The great, fun thing about the show, it’s always the opposite of the year before for me,” Murphy said when asked about the different look of the series each season. So after the dark and grim Asylum, why witches? “The idea of this year was that we wanted it to be more modern and contemporary and glamorous,” he said.

Series co-creator Brad Falchuck further explained: ”Each season is about something behind the genre. This season, the idea became about women and mothers and daughters.”

And when it comes to ladies on the small screen, AHS has put together “the most amazing group of women that has been on TV” — at least according to Murphy. But the show is still created by men, and there are two in the cast: Evan Peters and Denis O’Hare. And what about the fact that both of their characters can’t speak? “It’s a coincidence at the end of the day,” admitted Murphy. “The boys did an amazing job and they were very, very good. It’s hard to make guy characters pop in a sea of so many iconic female actors.”

So what was it like acting without words? Pretty easy if you ask O’Hare. “Half of acting is not speaking,” he said. “The hardest thing to do is reaction shots. Not speaking is one of the great ways of communicating. I loved it and had the best time.”

Party all the time

The panel served as a reunion in many ways for the cast, and they were eager to share stories about their time working together on location in New Orleans. And most of those stories, it turns out, involved being more than a little tipsy. “We were drunk a lot!” joked Paulson.

A highlight: Sidibe told the story of she and Paulson wandering the streets in search of a mystery bar the writers had told the cast to visit. Paulson was glitter-bombed, which led to a brawl of sorts.

The cast quickly learned the city by living in different neighborhoods and visiting each other around town. Bassett said New Orleans food is divine, but can’t be outdone by the cocktails. Bates said she had a great view of the pool at the hotel next to hers and really enjoyed the “Southern decadence” of the men in Speedos she saw (she took pictures and sent them to her friends back in New York). The cast also had some fun at the expense of Jessica Lange — she missed the panel to spend spring break with her grandchildren — claiming their co-star was a kleptomaniac with a drinking problem!

The best fans in town

Each panel at PaleyFest features an audience Q&A at the end, but this one got pretty interactive. Paulson appeared to be the fan favorite in the room. She was blatantly hit on by one female audience member (“Sarah, call me”) and was given letters written by two young fans, who were just as excited to see their faces on the Dolby big screen as to meet Paulson herself.

But it was a group of fans from Mexico who stole the show. Wearing homemade “On Wednesday We Wear Black” T-shirts, one overwhelmed male fan could not contain his excitement about that one time Paulson replied to his tweet – by calling him nuts. Well, he clearly took that as a compliment, and created a shirt with the tweet silkscreened on the front. Paulson signed the shirt, which will surely never be washed again.
Get your Freak on

After months of speculation, Murphy confirmed that the next season of American Horror Story would be titled Freak Show. In a PaleyFest tradition, he also revealed details about what fans can expect. The show will once again shoot in New Orleans, though it will be set in 1950 in Jupiter, Fla. As EW previously reported, Freak Show will find Lange as a German ex-pat managing one of the last freak shows in the U.S.

Murphy also confirmed that everyone who was on the panel would be involved in the new season in some way. That added Sidibe, Roberts, O’Hare, and Jamie Brewer to the already confirmed Paulson, Peters, Bates, Bassett, and Frances Conroy. But the big news of the night was the announcement of Michael Chiklis joining the cast as Peters’ father and Bates’ ex-husband. Chiklis said he signed on for the show because he was terrified of it and, as an actor, felt like that was an exciting thing to do. Murphy also revealed that some actors from the first two seasons of AHS will also return, noting that their participation is just a matter of scheduling at this point.

That’s great news – I thought the Coven cast was great, and I’m so happy Emma Roberts and Jamie Brewer are returning!

Who do you think will be returning from the previous seasons? Maybe Connie Britton or Dylan McDermott? A lot of fans want Zachary Quinto to return, and it would be fitting if we saw the return of a character like Pepper.

Let me know what you think of the upcoming season in the comments.

03/24 // Who’s returning for Freak Show?

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Today it was revealed that season four of American Horror Story will be called Freak Show.

Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have an idea of the plot and who’s coming back!

Fans have been hoping that the new season of American Horror Story would be set at a carnival, and they’re not soooo far off. Co-creator Ryan Murphy announced via his Twitter account that season 4 will be called Freak Show. But what does that mean exactly? EW has uncovered exclusive new details about the secretive season.

Set in Jupiter, Florida, in 1950, Freak Show finds Jessica Lange playing a German ex-pat who is managing one of the last freak shows in the U.S. Her group of “unusuals”? Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, and Frances Conroy all play performers whom Lange’s character has rescued; Denis O’Hare and Emma Roberts are also in talks to return. Freak Show’s 13 episodes will track this group as they do anything to keep their business around.

Who are you most excited to see back? Are you sad any of the other cast regulars won’t be returning?

I, personally, really hope Emma Roberts is back – I love her!

03/24 // Season four sub-title revealed

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It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for!

After a lot of speculation that the fourth season of American Horror Story would be based around a circus or carnival, it was confirmed last week by show production.

Now, Ryan Murphy himself has revealed the sub-title in a tweet.

Check it out! American Horror Story: Freak Show.

I cannot wait for this. I hope it’s as good as it sounds like it will be!

PS. I know I’ve been kind of absent since the third series finished, but I will be working to complete the gallery and missing information soon!

Keep visiting, and make sure to follow on twitter.

02/16 // Look back at Murder House on EW

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Thanks to Jennifer over at Tholaire, I have been able to add scans of Entertainment Weekly, all the way back from October 2011, to the gallery.

The article is to promote the first season, Murder House. Make sure to read it and, hey, why not rewatch the entire seasons whilst we wait for season 4!?

Gallery Links
– Magazine Scans – 10-28-2011 – Entertainment Weekly

01/24 // Preview of the finale – The Seven Wonders

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Check out these stills and trailer for the final episode, The Seven Wonders.

I can’t wait to see who the new Supreme is!

The time comes for the girls to face the test of the Seven Wonders. The night before, Myrtle serves them one last meal together as equals. It’s time to find the new Supreme, a witch who Cordelia hopes “can lead the way out of an era of strife and chaos, towards repair and rejuvenation.” With the Witch Hunters gone, perhaps they’ll even be able to live in the open. As morning dawns, Madison is feeling vulnerable yet full of steely determination, Queenie struggles to believe she could be the one, Misty is terrified, and a sober Zoe puts on dark lipstick like it’s war paint. The trials begin, and Madison aims snarky barbs at Zoe – followed by more violent intent as the trials go on – while Misty is surprised to find herself giddy at her own successes. But tragedy strikes as the trials go very wrong. Later, as the new Supreme finally rises, she finds herself having to begin her reign by performing a heartbreaking task. And finally, before the Coven can return to strength and prominence, there is one last piece of unfinished business for the new Supreme to attend to.

01/20 // Happy birthday Evan!

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Today is Evan Peters’ (Tate, Kit, Kyle) 27th birthday.

Can you believe it? 27!? He definitely doesn’t look his age, and I hope he doesn’t for a while yet so he can keep playing teenagers cause he’s great!

Hope today is/has been amazing for you Evan!

01/18 // Preview of S03E12 Go To Hell

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Check out the stills, trailer and synopsis for the upcoming episode of American Horror Story: Coven, called Go To Hell.

A dying Fiona becomes even more desperate to find and destroy the new Supreme… but also wonders if she should give it up and just enjoy her final days. As the time approaches for the new Supreme to demonstrate the Seven Wonders, a dangerous ritual proving the Supreme’s ability to master seven magical powers, more than one of the remaining girls begin to manifest multiple new powers. But it’s Papa Legba who Queenie demonstrates her newest power to: the power to descend into Hell, and to return. Cordelia has a nightmarish vision that puts the Coven’s future in question, while another vision leads her to confront the Axeman with a hard truth. Meanwhile, Queenie confronts Madame LaLaurie, who has found a new sense of ghoulish purpose, and Zoe returns to claim her destiny. And more than one person must face the consequences their actions when multiple acts of bloody vengeance are carried out… one of which may bring about the rise of the new Supreme at last.


01/16 // S03E11 Protect The Coven recap

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Who caught last night’s episode? Wasn’t it great, if a bit gruesome?!

Before the credits even roll, we see the origins of Madame Lalaurie’s bloodlust — way back before she was buried or bodiless, she was just a woman trying to make dinner. However, without the help of her trusty cooks, there was no one around to chop the head off the chicken she had selected for her meal. So, like a woman with her corset strung too tight, Lalaurie did the dirty work herself, chopping the head off her would-be meal and, in a swift and natural progression, becoming a bloodthirsty murderess, like you do.

Back in the present day, Fiona’s girls are mourning Nan’s drowning. While the girls stand around looking like a moody Marc Jacobs ad, two familiar faces appear: Queenie and Delphine are back, complete with bodies (and the formerly missing parts of Queenie’s skull).

Back at Miss Robichaux’s, Delphine’s thirst for blood is back, so she’s done as she sees fit and taken Cordelia’s gardener hostage in Spalding’s scary doll attic so that she can snack of him. Downstairs, after conjuring an image of Nan’s death (and thereby figuring out that it was Fiona and Marie who killed her), Zoe and Kyle are doing happy, blonde, in-love things, much to Madison’s dismay. The bitchy burnout responds by attacking Zoe and Kyle and threatening to disassemble her reconstituted beau.

In the attic, Delphine has made a mess of her meal, to Spalding’s delight — that’s right, he’s back, because rules don’t exist here, and apparently, Ryan Murphy didn’t feel he’d gotten his money’s worth from that actor yet. As Delphine tries to clean up her mess, Spalding helps her come up with a plan to get back at Marie, but it’s going to come at a price.

Downstairs in Queenie’s room, the once-dead witch reveals to Cordelia that she survived Hank’s attack and now believes herself to be impenetrable to bullets, a nifty little fact that she thinks is a good indication she’s the next supreme. The two women fight, and Cordelia, having come down with a bad case of the sads, goes downstairs to blind herself in an incredibly emo attempt to regain her clairvoyance, because nobody does overreactions like these chicks.

Up in the attic, Delphine has returned with the bounty for Spalding — a 19th century baby doll. In exchange, Spalding cheekily gives the naive Delphine his solution for getting rid of Marie — a packet of Benadryl.

In the basement, Myrtle, with little to do with Cordelia blinded and Misty gone, is playing her theremin for dramatic effect. Zoe, apparently entranced by the eerie sound, comes down to meet with her. Myrtle, in what is either product placement or simply lazy writing, expresses concern for the young witch’s safety and sends her where her love will surely be safe … Epcot?

Over at Hank’s father’s office, Marie and Fiona are trying to make a deal, ostensibly to protect the coven from further harm. When the group can’t decide upon acceptable terms, including bottomless buckets of diet Sprite for Marie and swimming pool-sized martinis for Fiona, the women decide to get rowdy — and by “get rowdy”, we mean kill everyone with an axe. After a successful murder-and-makeout with the Axeman, Fiona leaves Delphine and Marie alone. Having discovered that the Benadryl won’t kill the immortal (duh), Delphine stabs Marie, pushes her down the stairs, and then, at Spalding’s urging, takes her unconscious body to be buried. Upstairs, in the attic, Spalding has revealed his true endgame: he’s made off with Marie’s stolen baby.

At the house, Zoe and Kyle pack their things and, following in the grand tradition of stories that begin or end with a killing spree, catch a bus to Florida.

Original Source: Wet Paint

Gallery Links
– Season 3: Coven – Episode Captures – S03E11 Protect The Coven

PS. Who caught the hint at the next season of American Horror Story? Ryan Murphy already said the season will be set in 1950s America, and communism was mentioned in last night’s episode so my bet is that it has something to do with that!

01/14 // Most of the cast to return for season 4

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“American Horror Story” is currently bringing its third season, “Coven,” to a close on FX. Creator Ryan Murphy has so far been mum about what Season 4 will look like, but FX Networks CEO John Landgraf dropped a few juicy details at the 2014 TCA press tour panel Tuesday (Jan. 14).

“I think it’ll probably be a period piece again, I don’t think it’ll be contemporary,” says Landgraf. “I know that most of the current cast will be returning in some form, though I don’t know what characters they’ll be playing. I’m waiting for [Murphy] to tell me. … Every season has an opportunity to sell a new setting and new characters and a new tone to the audience.”

Landgraf adds that Murphy basically has the leeway to take the show in any direction he wants.

“Ryan has virtual carte blanche at this point to do whatever he wants to do,” says Landgraf. “That really is his baby. While I and other people in the company still read every script and still watch every rough cut and still give the occasional note, I have to say we don’t really have very much input. I suppose we could force ourselves to have input, but when I look at the inventiveness and the quality of what he’s done for three seasons is I don’t really see the need.”

“American Horror Story” Season 4 will premiere in fall 2014, if it follows the pattern of the previous three seasons.

Original Source: Zap2It

01/13 // Preview of S03E11 Protect The Coven

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Who caught this week’s return of American Horror Story? What an episode?!

I have to admit, Nan’s murder really upset me. Can Jamie Brewer go through a season without dying? I also genuinely thought Nan would be the next supreme – now I really want it to be Cordelia because she feels she has no use in the coven.

Check out these episode stills and the trailer for Protect The Coven. Looks like LaLaurie is back and back together?

1830: Madame LaLaurie, newly arrived in New Orleans, discovers her penchant for cruelty.

Today: As the Coven mourns one of their own, Cordelia realizes that her mother needs to be stopped. Meanwhile, The Corporation covers their tracks, as Harrison plans a double-cross. We learn more about Madame LaLaurie’s past and present, as she finds her circumstances more and more intolerable. She returns to a horrifying pastime of old that will make the hours bearable for her again… and finds an unexpected ally and kindred spirit, who offers her a chance at getting the one thing she truly wants. As Fiona and the Axeman make plans for the future, Cordelia tries to regain the trust of an embittered Queenie. Zoe and Kyle pursue justice – but they’re interrupted by a jealous Madison. Cordelia makes a desperate sacrifice to gain the power she needs to protect the Coven from enemies without and within. Myrtle gives Zoe an unexpected gift to help her and Kyle, though Zoe’s not sure she wants it. Fiona and Marie Laveau have a deadly face off with Harrison and The Corporation. And Madame LaLaurie finds that sometimes, you don’t get what you want… but you get what you need.

Source: Spoiler TV

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