11/14 // S03E06 The Axeman Cometh Recap

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Who caught last night’s episode of American Horror Story!?

I can’t believe Hank is a witch hunter and that Alexandra Breckenridge’s character was a witch!

I’m so glad Cordelia has developed a new power though so hopefully she will see the truth in everything that has happened so far this season.

And Madison is back! Yay! But something tells me it’s not the Madison we knew before she was killed.

We begin our story in New Orleans in 1919.

Here, we have the Axeman. He refers to himself as death, and shall be the vehicle by which people transition between the two worlds.

He places an advert in the newspaper to inform the people of New Orleans that he is coming. He tells them that anyone who plays a jazz ensemble at the time provided would be spared his axe. However, any who chose not to comply would meet the end of his axe.

The women at the Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies are reading over the paper. All of them are frightened for their lives and trying to formulate a plan to stay safe from the Axeman’s blade. Their leader speaks up and tells them that they have nothing to fear.

She tells them that they are strong, and have been docile for far too long. On the night of the Axeman’s coming, the women would hatch their master plan.

When the night arrives, everyone in the city is playing their favorite jazz ensemble; everyone except the women of the Academy. They have chosen to go with a more operatic approach.

Behold the house in which the Axeman chooses to visit.

Once inside the house, he finds his way upstairs and into one of the rooms, where one of the witches, their apparent leader, sitting reading tarot cards.

Suddenly, the music comes to an end. He tells her that he gave her fair warning, making his intentions clear to the world. The witch draws the death card. He tells her not to labor herself.

Out of nowhere, the other witches appear. One of them stabs him in the chest. Suddenly, they are all around him stabbing away at his flesh.

I think it is safe to say that the only person’s blood spilled that night was his own. Was that the end of the Axeman? Of course not, that would just be too damn easy.

Cleaning House

Back in the present day, Zoe finds herself going through some of Madison’s things. Maybe she thinks that there is something buried within all of her stuff that would lead her to Madison.

Purely by accident, a small bottle falls out of the box and starts rolling on the ground. The bottle leads Zoe to a secret compartment in the closet; one that has a secret stash of things in it.

At first, all she finds is a bunch of old pictures; however, she would soon find something that would possess me to leave the house immediately. She finds a spirit board, aka a Ouija Board. I’m sorry…call me superstitious if you like, but I would not be caught dead messing with one of those things.

Zoe brings all of this to Nan and Queenie.

She lays the pictures out on the table for them. She tells him that this place used to be packed with hundreds of witches, but every year, their numbers get lower and lower.

Zoe is convinced that it is Madison, and she wants them to find her. Zoe says that from now on they have to look out for each other’s backs. She pours each of them a shot of Absinthe, and tells them to drink of the divine, of which they do.

The Spirit Board

Queenie asks Zoe where she got the board from. Zoe tells her that it found her. Queenie asks if she knows what they do, to which Zoe replies “Make contact with the dead.”

Queenie tells her of a horrible experience that her Grandmother had with one, and explained that these are not toys to be played with.

They all put their fingers on the board and begin to ask the usual questions…Are we alone? Did you die here? Were you murdered? Who did it? The bad news is that they start to get answers.

The answer to the last question is not exactly what they wanted to hear. “You did.”

They ask if it is Madison that they were speaking to. The board reveals that the person in which they are communicating is The Axeman. Queenie has had about enough of this. She tells Zoe that if survival is so important, then she needs to find out who she is talking to. She blows out the candles and removes the glass from the table.

New Powers Emerging

Fiona is sitting in the hospital receiving chemotherapy for her cancer. All of a sudden, she can hear the thoughts of those around her. This is not something she has ever experienced in the past. I am starting to wonder if in her weakened state, she is starting to take on one of Nan’s powers.

After a few moments, she can take no more. She pulls the needle out of her arm and tries to leave. This is when she is stopped at the door by the Doctor.

He tells her that she hasn’t finished her treatment and that she needs to go back to her seat. She tells him that her daughter needs her and that if she follows their orders that she is going to beat this thing so she can be there for Cordelia.

My, what has happened to Fiona to make her care so much about Cordelia all of a sudden? It is a shame that it took her daughter being disfigured to truly bring the two of them back together.

She tells the doctor that she is not ready to go just yet. She tells him that she wants one more great love affair in her life. All she wants is somebody.

The History of the Axeman

The girls are together in one of their rooms researching the Axeman. Zoe finds on the internet that the Axeman is responsible for killing 8 people before he died.

She points out that they never did ask him about Madison.

Good. A spirit will say anything to get released. They mess with you.” Queenie says.
Zoe wonders if that is why he said that they killed him. Nan says no. She found a picture of the Class of 1919. She tells the others that he thinks that they are the girls from the past.

They found proof in one of the journals that it was indeed the witches that killed the Axeman.

Zoe is bent on talking to the Axeman. Both Queenie and Nan tell her that they are out. They want no part of it.

She goes back to the spirit board, pulls out the glass, and makes contact once again. She tells him that she will release him if he tells her how to find Madison. He directs her to the attic.

Zoe makes her way up to the attic where she finds Spalding’s room; all his dolls, and the horrible smell that is ultimately coming from Madison’s decaying corpse.

She follows the smell to a trunk. When she opens it, she sees Madison’s decaying corpse lying there peacefully. From behind, she is grabbed by Spalding.

Cordelia’s Return

Hank brings Cordelia back to the house. She is walking on her own, but with the assistance of a white walking cane. She asks her mother why there are roses in her room. She says that roses bring romance and love. She says this is not what she is looking for right now.

She says that she needs Chrysanthemums, all kinds for strength and protection.

Hank tells her that the doctor told her that she needs bed rest for at least a week. When he touches her hand, she gets another flashback into his indiscretions. This time, a little more vividly. Quickly, she snatches her hand away from him.

She asks him who the red head is. She tells him that she has had enough of his BS, and that if there is anything else that he needs to tell her, he should do it now because she will see it eventually.

She tells him that he will be accountable for each and every betrayal no matter how deep he thinks his secrets are buried.

After he leaves the room, Fiona walks over to her. Cordelia tells Fiona that she wanted to sever his arms and throw him out the window, but she had to control herself.

Fiona tells Cordelia that the gift of sight is the greatest gift to have and the hardest one to live with.

Fiona helps Cordelia to get undressed. When her hand touches her, she sees Myrtle burning at the stake. Cordelia asks her why she didn’t tell her. Fiona tells her that she was in so much pain that she didn’t want to burden her. Fiona tells her that it was because of what Myrtle did to her. Cordelia doesn’t believe it is possible.

Fiona tells her that it is best if she leaves her alone for a little while. She tells her that she will have Delphine come and check on her.

She had surely better hope that she doesn’t come into contact with Delphine. That is the very last person she needs to see the indiscretions of.

The Butler Did It

When the girls see Fiona leave in a taxi, they decide it is time to make their move on Spalding. They have him tied to a chair in the middle of his room.

They are basically planning to interrogate him using Nan to read his mind.

Zoe tells him to confess to killing Madison. They have heated a spatula and plan to use it to torture him. She buried it into his chest. They ask him the question again. He says yes.

When they ask him why, he starts to be rather descriptive. Of course, we all know that it is a complete lie.

He basically tells them that there is nothing they can do to him without exposing themselves in the process. Queenie uses her power to burn Spalding’s face.

Zoe believes that he is not really the one to have killed Madison. She believes that he is covering for someone.


In her garden, we see Misty Day pouring water over a big mound of dirt. Suddenly, the mound starts to move. I am assuming that she has Myrtle under that pile. Her swamp water seems to be bringing her back to life.

She is startled when someone touches her on the shoulder. It is Kyle.

She tells him that he needs a bath. She puts on a Stevie Nicks 8-track and begins to bathe him. Unfortunately, he starts to have flashbacks of what his mother did to him. He tries to control them, but soon they prove to be too much for him.

He jumps from the tub and begins smashing things in the house. She tries to calm him down, but it is to no avail. Completely naked, he begins to ravage her house. Last, he grans her 8-track player and smashes it on the ground. She is absolutely devastated. She calls him a monster.

Just then, Zoe walks in. Kyle runs to her, falls to his knees and grabs her waste holding her tight.

Misty tells her to get him out of there. She tells her that he broke Stevie.

Zoe tells her that she is getting the both of them out of there. She tells Misty that she needs her help.

Rebuilding the Movie Star

Back at the Academy, Zoe chains up Kyle. She tells him that he is ok.

Zoe shows Madison’s body to Misty. She tells her that she is too far gone and already rotting. Not to mention the fact that she is missing an arm. Zoe tells her that she has it and that she can sow it back on.

Misty makes a quick crack about Zoe’s sowing skills at the expense of Kyle.

Zoe tells her that she has the power of resurgence and that she has to bring Madison back. Misty tells her to give her some of the mud.

She tries to bring her back, but soon realizes that she can’t do it on her own. Misty says that there is too much death inside her. She tells Zoe to put her hands on Madison’s stomach and push. Suddenly, this nasty black liquid starts to come out of Madison’s mouth. Soon, Madison sits up on the table and starts screaming at the top of her lungs.

The Plot Thickens

Just as Marie Laveau is about to close up shop for the night and lock the gate Hank shows up on her doorstep. He tells her that they have a problem and walks right past her and into the shop.

Wait….what the…

Apparently, Hank has been working on the inside for Marie this entire time. It has been his mission to bring down all of the descendants of Salem. This includes the red head in which he seduced and murdered on his “business trip.”

Hank tells Marie that her little acid attack has made his job that much more difficult.

You think I did that? Do I look like the Taliban to you?” Marie asks. “If I wanted to blind your little wifey, I wouldn’t have to leave my room.” she continues.
He tells Marie about the new power Cordelia has acquired. He tells her that she has to do something. She says that she already has. She says that she hired a professional witch hunter. He tells her that he has brought her 9 Salem descendants in just 3 years, and that he never would have done it without Cordelia’s research.

Marie tells him that maybe she ought to have Cordelia do it as she seems to be doing all the work.

She tells him that he is supposed to be cleaning house, and instead he is playing house. She says that he has become soft, and the witches have been more disrespectful than ever, even digging up her old enemies.

When I plant a fat a**, cracker b**** I expect her to stay planted, not come back up like that d*** ragweed.” Marie says, more agitated than ever.
She tells him that there will be no more nonsense. She tells him that she wants the heads of Fiona, Cordelia, and every other witch b**** in that house. Then he is to bun the place to the ground, and quick. This is the only way he will live.

Covering Their Tracks

The rest of the girls are asking Zoe how they are going to explain all of this to Fiona. She says that they aren’t. No one is to say a word to Fiona. They need to keep Madison away until she is back to normal.

Zoe says that she will find someplace to put Kyle. Misty tells her that she is not taking him back, and that he is a walking tornado.

You made him, you deal with him.” She says.
She asks one of them to take her home. Zoe tells her that it is late and that she should just stay the night. This is something Misty really doesn’t want to do. She says that she can feel all sorts of negative energies in the house. Could it possibly have anything to do with the spirit of the axe murderer they have walking around the house?

Madison is finally starting to look normal. She remembers who she is, but not that she passed on. They ask her what the last thing she remembered was. She sees red. This is the color of the dress that Fiona was wearing on the night she killed Madison.

Madison tells them that there is nothing on the other side, that it is just black.


Cordelia carefully locks the door to her bedroom and slowly finds her way back to her bed. She is still getting used to walking without her sight, and she runs into the night stand on the way. Eventually, she makes it to the bed to take her medicine.

As she is undressing, the Axeman comes to her.

She asks him who he is and what he needs. He tells her that he needs release.

He tells her that he was ended by witches right there in that very room. The whole world went on around him while he is trapped in the house.

He says that one of the witches offered him his release in exchange for his help. He tells Delia that he did everything that was asked of him, but the witch didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Now, he is trapped in the room with Delia.

Things go from bad to worse when she doesn’t help him. When she starts screaming, he turns violent, swinging his axe at her. The girls come running to the room, but it is locked.

They ask Zoe if she released him. She says that she told him she would, but she lied.

Zoe runs downstairs and finds a book that will allow him to move on. She uses one of her many gifts to find the right book. When she opens it, it turns to precisely the right page. They all join hands as Zoe begins reciting the words. All of a sudden, he is free.

He walks right out the front door of the Academy, out the front gate, and back into the world. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. I can almost guarantee you that we will see him once again. Nothing is ever that easy in the realm of witchcraft.

Drowning Your Sorrows

Fiona is back at the bar drinking away her sorrow. Sweet jazz music is playing in the background.

Just as Fiona reaches the bottom of her glass, guess who should sit down beside her. You’ve got it…the Axeman. After sending a few sweet words her direction, well…that was almost too easy.

This is most definitely not good. The very last thing the Coven needs is for the Axeman to find his way back inside.

Furthermore, what is Cordelia going to do now that she knows that Hank is not the man she thought he was? Will he be able to get close enough to fulfill his obligation too Marie?

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